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In order to get a quality orthodontic result, many patients need to re-train their tongues.  Some patients stick their tongues between their teeth, and create an “Open Bite” problem for themselves.  They can develop either “Anterior” Open Bites, or “Lateral” Open Bites.


In order to eliminate these Open Bite problems, patients need to learn to suck their tongue to the roof of their mouth.  This suction is normal tongue posture/ activity at rest.

I have found that the best way to train patients in this position is to use the “Nnnnn Suck” technique.

By making the “Nnnnn” sound, you are putting your tongue in the right position in your palate.

Then, by keeping that position and sucking, you are creating the normal suction and position of the tongue.

Then you need to hold it there when not eating or speaking (or other intentional behaviors such as kissing, etc).

Follow these 6 steps to train your tongue: (the “Nnnnn-Suck” Technique)

  1. Wet your Palate
  2. Say “Nnnnnn”
  3. Suction (in the “Nnnnn” position – focusing on the suction spot)
  4. Gradually create even tighter Suction
  5. Relax Your Lips
  6. Hold it (or Pop it to train)

Suction is the key to “parking” the tongue.  If you are not suctioning, you will never control your tongue, so suck Hard when practicing.

Wet your palate many times a day to help strengthen the suction-seal  and then re-establish suction with the “Nnnnnn-Suck” Technique

Making “Suction Pop” sounds in the “Suction Spot” is a good way to practice.

Do not make suction pops in other areas.  Just the area shown as the “Suction Spot.”

Relax your lips.

Make sure your tongue is not going between upper and lower teeth (where you bite).  Use your suction abilities to contract your tongue into your palate, to  keep your tongue above your bite plane.

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